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File consists of a document entitled Facultates Dioecesis Calgariensis that contains a complete list in Latin of the faculties granted by Bishop John T. Kidd to the priests of the Diocese of Calgary (1927); a letter from Bishop Kidd to the clergy of the Diocese entitled “Explanation of Faculties Issued to the Reverend Clergy of the Diocese of Calgary” (1927); several miscellaneous letters concerning the affairs of the Diocese during the years 1925, 1927, 1928, and 1929. These letters include a letter from Bishop Kidd to Archbishop O’Leary of Edmonton regarding arrangements with the Grant Radio Company to make radio broadcasts and two letters from Bishop Kidd to Bishop John T. McNally, Kidd’s predecessor. File contains some documents in French.

Kidd, John T., 1868-1950

Addresses to the Catholic Women's League of Canada

File consists of the following :

  1. CWL Calgary Senior - Annual Meeting, Apr 21, 1936
  2. Junior CWL. Palliser Hotel, May 5, 1936 'The Apostolate'
  3. Annual meeting CWL Seniors. Cathedral School, Apr 13, 1937
  4. Junior League Annual meeting May 4, 1937
  5. Junior League. Sept 28, 1937 'Correspondence Course'
  6. CWL Seniors. Convention sermon, Oct 6, 1937. High River
  7. CWL Senior Annual Meeting, Apr 12, 1938, 'Christian Doctrine'
  8. CWL Aug 29, 1938, Palliser Hotel.
  9. Sermon delivered St. Mary's Cathedral, Winnipeg at the Convention Mass
  10. Annual meeting, Apr 9, 1940
  11. CWL Convention, Calgary, Oct 25, 1941
  12. Cathedral, Sermon 8am Mass Oct 26, 1941
  13. CWL National Convention, Calgary opening Nov 3, 1948
  14. CWL Annual, Jun 9 1956
  15. CWL Convention, Sept 3, 1944
  16. CWL 25th Anniversary, Clagary Sacred Heart Convent May 8, 1946
  17. CWL Diocesan Convention, Oct 26, 1946, 'Sterilization'.

Carroll, Francis P., 1890-1967

Plenary Council of Quebec

File consists of newspaper page from 'La Verite' dated Jan 13, 1912, various Canadian pastoral letters, and proceedings, documents, and notes from the Plenary Meeting of the Canadian Episcopate in 1933.


File consists of correspondence with St. George's Church, Hanna. Includes material before 1965 when Hanna came under the control of the Archdiocese of Edmonton. Includes details of the transfer into the Diocese of Calgary. Correspondents include Archbishop J.H. MacDonald and Fr. M. Harnett

History and information

File consists of photographs, newspaper clippings, a parish history, correspondence with the Bishop's Office, a 75th anniversary booklet, and letters an maps defining the parish boundaries for St. George's, Hanna, AB.


File consists of photographs, newspaper articles and historical information regarding the Brothers of Our Lady of Lourdes in the Diocese of Calgary, 1959, 1968, 1972-1996. Also includes newspaper clippings on the arrival of the Brothers of Our Lady of Lourdes in the Diocese of Calgary, Mar 30, Apr 9, 1955 and story of the founder of the Brothers of Our Lady of Lourdes, Stephen Glorieux.

Sisters of Charity of Nicolet

File consists of correspondence between the Bishop's Office and the Sisters of Charity of Nicolet. Including from the Blood Reserve (1925-1941), Cardston (1936-1942, 1952), and Peigan Reserve (1913-1920). Most in French.

Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood

File consists of correspondence between the Office of the Bishop and the Sisters, Adorers of the Precious Blood. Includes letters concerning the creation of a foundation, seeking to aggregate the Calgary foundation with the London Generalate, financial statements and a history.

Radio broadcasts

File consists of a contract, memorandum of agreement, and other papers related to religious broadcasts from the Diocese of Calgary on the program “The Voice of the Prairies Limited” over Station C.F.C.N during 1927-1928 and 1928-1929.
File also includes a clipping from The Albertan, June 16, 1972 about programs and broadcasts on CFCN, including the broadcasts from the Diocese of Calgary during the episcopate of Bishop Kidd; a card with an image of Christ on one side and two prayers on the other; photographs of Bishop Kidd; images of Bishop Kidd’s coat of arms.

Kidd, John T., 1868-1950

Essay by Noreen Ayers

File consists of 9-page article on Bishop John T. McNally written by his great niece, Noreen Ayer on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the Diocese of Calgary in 1987. It seems to be written in response to Monsignor Neville Anderson's article in the Pastoral Reporter, Sept 1987. Includes reminiscences of McNally as a much loved uncle. Also includes two copies and a letter from Fr. Stefan Ganowicz to Bishop Henry dated Nov 17, 1999, enclosing a copy with more family information

McNally, John T., 1871-1952


File consists of a newspaper article concerning the Silver Jubilee of Bishop John T. Kidd’s priestly ordination, two biographical articles about Bishop Kidd (authors?), and a document with Bishop Kidd’s episcopal pedigree. File also consists of one biographical article about Bishop John T. Kidd (author?). Although the article is located in 16.662, it has “16.660” written on it in pencil.

Kidd, John T., 1868-1950

Medicine Hat

The file contains correspondence related to the dispute between Bishop McNally and the Sisters of Charity of St. Louis over the competence of the sisters as teachers. The Sisters of Charity of St. Louis arrived in Medicine Hat in 1911 and taught in St. Louis Roman Catholic Separate School district. In 1917, Fr. M.F. Fitzpatrick, parish priest of Medicine Hat and superintendent of the Medicine Hat Separate School Board, “reported” that two sisters – one of whom was the principal – “were not capable of teaching.” Fr. Fitzpatrick maintained that the “only way to bring the school up to standard” was for the board to replace the Sister who was the principal with a lay principal. This the board did in March. Apparently, the “effect” of the board’s decision was that “all the parishioners were under the impression that the Sisters were being persecuted by the Bishop and clergy.” J. McCourt, chairman of the board, said that the people blamed the Bishop because Fr. Fitzpatrick had told the board that he was “acting for the Bishop,” but Fr. Fitzpatrick denied having said this to the board. J. Barreau, a member of the board, maintained that the Bishop and his clergy had never persecuted the sisters and that the sisters had behaved “abominably” ever since the hiring of the lay principal. J.A. Landry, Secretary-Treasurer of the board, declared that in 1916, the Sisters had falsely claimed that the board owed them over $400.00 in unpaid wages. He also said that the Bishop had not influenced the board “in its actions with reference to the sisters.”
In the fall of 1917, three sisters resigned from teaching. In April 1918, Sr. St. Gurval, Mother Superior of the Sisters of Charity of St. Louis in Medicine Hat, wrote a letter to Bishop McNally requesting an interview with him. Bishop McNally replied that he could not consider granting Sr. St. Gurval an interview until she provided proof for several “accusations and insinuations” that she had made regarding the Bishop and his priests or, “failing that,” issued a “retraction of and an apology for” the same “accusations and insinuations.” McNally said that he felt himself “obliged” to require these “preliminary steps” from Sr. St. Gurvval “in the name of truth and justice which have been sadly outraged, and for the safeguarding of the authority of God’s holy Church and the dignity of His representatives.”
The file also contains Sr. St. Gurval’s reply to Bishop McNally in French.

In addition, the file contains three documents regarding the legal issues surrounding the construction of St. Patrick’s Church in Medicine Hat.

McNally, John T., 1871-1952

Congregation des Filles de Jesus

File consists of copies of two letters in French from the Congregation des Filles de Jesus to Bishop John T. McNally. Includes one from Sr. Mie. Ste. Osmanne of the Convent at Pincher Creek dated Apr 6, 1918 and the other from Sr. Marie de Ste. Blandine, Superior General in Kermaria, France datedSept 3, 1919. Copied by A.J. Hetherington

McNally, John T., 1871-1952

Department of Indian Affairs

File consists of a telegram (n.d.) and a letter, dated Feb 27, 1919 (a typed copy from the original signed as a true copy by A.J. Hetherington and dated Sept 2, 1919) from Duncan C. Scott, Deputy Superintendent General of the Department of Indian Affairs, to Bishop John T. McNally. The telegram [date?] reads: “Would appreciate letter from you supporting our new measure now before Parliament of compulsory attendance at residential Indian schools.” Below the words of the telegram, there is a handwritten reply from Bishop McNally to Scott, which reads: “Assuredly I approve the idea of compulsory attendance at residential Indian schools, as most promising [agency?] for [forming future civilization and citizenship?]. Various details of act, however, are not yet clear to me. Am leaving for Ottawa, and hope to see you early next week.”
The letter, dated February 27, 1919, is regarding the St. Joseph’s Industrial School at Dunbow. In light of the recent death of Fr. Nordmann, O.M.I., principal of the school, Scott asks Bishop McNally for his “special consideration of the present position of this school.” The Department of Indian Affairs was considering whether the school should be closed. According to Scott, one of the department’s “chief difficulties” at the Indian industrial schools was preventing the students “from being exploited as mere wage earners” and ensuring that they were taught English by “persons who have a thorough command of the language.” Scott writes that if the Bishop will place an English-speaking priest in charge of the school, then the department will “postpone definite action to close the institution” and will “co-operate” with the Bishop in working to increase the school’s attendance and making the school “a vital factor in Indian education.”
The Dominion Government closed St. Joseph’s Industrial School in 1922.

McNally, John T., 1871-1952

Grey Nuns

File consists of correspondence from and relating to the Grey Nuns, 1917-1924. The last document, dated December 30, 1924, is a letter from Sr. St. Agatha of the Grey Nuns’ Convent in Ottawa to Bishop McNally shortly after the latter’s accession to the See of Hamilton.

McNally, John T., 1871-1952

Oblates of Mary Immaculate

File consists of correspondence and other papers pertaining to the relations between Bishop McNally and the Oblates of Mary Immaculate. Most of these documents concern Sacred Heart Parish, Calgary and St. Patrick’s Church, Lethbridge.

McNally, John T., 1871-1952


File consists of photographs collected by Bishop McNally of friends, acquaintances, and his houses in Calgary

McNally, John T., 1871-1952


File consists of correspondence from Rome concerning the controversy with Sacred Heart Church, Calgary.

McNally, John T., 1871-1952

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