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File consists of papers from the Alberta Catholic School Trustees' Convention, 1973. Includes summary of the discussion paper on Catholic schooling in Alberta, an outline of the keynote address by Most Rev. H. Legare, and a copy of the President's (Mr. G.A. Tersmette) talk. Includes a booklet, Survey of the Separate School Question in Alberta. Gives history of the Catholic grievances. Includes forwarding letter to priests from Msgr. Hetherington dated Apr 3, 1951. Also includes Alberta Catholic School Trustees Association Brief to Legislative Council and the Department of Education, Jan 7, 1963. Also includes brief to the Executive Council of the Province of Alberta, Jan 31, 1973 from the Alberta Catholic School Trustees' Association. Includes copy of the ACSTA Board of Directors' minutes, meeting no. 166, Dec 15-16, 1978, Calgary.


File consists of minutes from the Alberta Catholic School Trustees Association executive committee, 1967-1979 (incomplete). Also includes minutes etc. from the ACSTA Board of Directors meetings from Jan 29-30, 1988 (meeting #211) to May 9-10, 1997 (meeting #256).

General correspondence

File consists of correspondence between the Office of the Bishop and the ACSTA. Mixed with some minutes, copies of Perspectives (Publication) and correspondence related to Blueprints conference.

Superiors General

File consists of correspondence between the Bishop's Office and the Superior Generals of the Brothers of Our Lady of Lourdes, Oostakker, Belgium, 1954-1961.

Our Lady of Peace Monument

File consists of papers relating to the Father Scollen Cairn, which marks the site of the first church in southern Alberta situated at Pt.NW 1/4 3. 24. 4. W 5th (0.01 acre) about 4 miles south east of Jumping Pound P.O. on the north bank of the Elbow River. The building was erected by Alexis Cardinal in the winter of 1872. It was about 15 feet square, with an alcove that served as a chapel. The building was surmounted with a cross and was heated by a chimney of flat stones. Includes photographs, legal papers, histories, duplicate certificate of title, tax notices, correspondence, worship aids, information about the time capsule (buried Sept 28, 1973, and site plans. Also includes permission to re-stucco the cairn and improve the parking, and install directional signs to be completed Aug 30, 1988.

Department of Indian Affairs

File consists of a telegram (n.d.) and a letter, dated Feb 27, 1919 (a typed copy from the original signed as a true copy by A.J. Hetherington and dated Sept 2, 1919) from Duncan C. Scott, Deputy Superintendent General of the Department of Indian Affairs, to Bishop John T. McNally. The telegram [date?] reads: “Would appreciate letter from you supporting our new measure now before Parliament of compulsory attendance at residential Indian schools.” Below the words of the telegram, there is a handwritten reply from Bishop McNally to Scott, which reads: “Assuredly I approve the idea of compulsory attendance at residential Indian schools, as most promising [agency?] for [forming future civilization and citizenship?]. Various details of act, however, are not yet clear to me. Am leaving for Ottawa, and hope to see you early next week.”
The letter, dated February 27, 1919, is regarding the St. Joseph’s Industrial School at Dunbow. In light of the recent death of Fr. Nordmann, O.M.I., principal of the school, Scott asks Bishop McNally for his “special consideration of the present position of this school.” The Department of Indian Affairs was considering whether the school should be closed. According to Scott, one of the department’s “chief difficulties” at the Indian industrial schools was preventing the students “from being exploited as mere wage earners” and ensuring that they were taught English by “persons who have a thorough command of the language.” Scott writes that if the Bishop will place an English-speaking priest in charge of the school, then the department will “postpone definite action to close the institution” and will “co-operate” with the Bishop in working to increase the school’s attendance and making the school “a vital factor in Indian education.”
The Dominion Government closed St. Joseph’s Industrial School in 1922.

McNally, John T., 1871-1952

News clippings and miscellaneous papers

File consists of news clippings papers collected by or about Bishop John T. McNally, 1914-1924. Also includes seven photocopied newspaper articles regarding McNally's installation in Calgary in 1913, his transfer from Hamilton to Halifax, and his death in 1952. Also consists of manuscripts of the biography of Bishop John T. McNally, as Calgary's First Bishop. It includes photographs and negatives and an image of his coat-of-arms.

McNally, John T., 1871-1952

Essay by Noreen Ayers

File consists of 9-page article on Bishop John T. McNally written by his great niece, Noreen Ayer on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the Diocese of Calgary in 1987. It seems to be written in response to Monsignor Neville Anderson's article in the Pastoral Reporter, Sept 1987. Includes reminiscences of McNally as a much loved uncle. Also includes two copies and a letter from Fr. Stefan Ganowicz to Bishop Henry dated Nov 17, 1999, enclosing a copy with more family information

McNally, John T., 1871-1952

Parish papers

File consists of a set of notes summarizing the financial status/viability of various small parishes and churches in the rural areas of the diocese. These notes were made for Monahan in 1932.

Monahan, Peter J., 1882-1947

Correspondence (Personal)

File consists of correspondence between Francis P. Carroll and Rt. Rev. A.J. Hetherington prior to Carroll's enthronement as Bishop of Calgary. Includes arrangements for the ceremonies. Includes miscellaneous personal and confidential correspondence to Bishop Francis P. Carroll and some news clippings related to him.

Carroll, Francis P., 1890-1967

Addresses on Catholic objectives in Education

File consists of two addresses given by Bishop Francis P. Carroll on Catholic education; "Christian Education", The Apostolate of the Alberta Catholic Education Association" and "Catholic Objectives in Education: High Role of Parent and of Teacher".

Carroll, Francis P., 1890-1967


File consists of papers of the Annual Bishop's Appeal, 1993. Includes homily outline, Parish Volunteer Manual, memoranda, and calendars. Includes list of Annual Bishop's Appeal parish representatives taken from Pastoral Reports, 1996. Also includes Annual Bishop's Appeal brochure, 2002. Also includes information and campaign materials for the first Annual Bishop's Appeal, Sunday, Feb 21, 1993. Includes 5 documents and copies of Tidings: the newsletter of the Annual Bishop's Appeal of the Diocese of Calgary Vol.1, no. 1 - vol. 2, no. 6. Also includes financial reports, brochures, and campaign manuals for the Annual Bishop's Appeals in 1997 and 1998. The brochure for the 1997 Appeal has an address label with the address of Mr. And Mrs. Guy LeBlanc.

Annual Bishop's Appeal


File consists of summary report of Parish Campaign Review meeting, May 3, 1993 and report for 1997 and Deanery Representatives report, 1998

Annual Bishop's Appeal


File consists of papers relating to the funeral of Bishop Francis P. Carroll

Carroll, Francis P., 1890-1967


File consists of two books being Bishop Francis P. Carroll's record of binations

Carroll, Francis P., 1890-1967


File consists of speeches given by Bishop Francis P. Carroll related to retirements, Papal awards, Popes. St. Patrick and on aspects of parish life

Carroll, Francis P., 1890-1967


File consists of material related to McNally's time as parish priest at St. Stephen's, Old Chelsea, Archdiocese of Gatineau and at St Mary's, Almonte, Ontario. Includes a letter from Wilfred Laurier congratulating McNally on his appointment to the Diocese of Calgary

McNally, John T., 1871-1952


File consists of news clippings concerning Bishop Vital J. Grandin, a booklet entitled 'Bishop V. Grandin: a Northern Apostle'. La Survivance Printing. (Edmonton, AB, 1936), and a photograph on card of Bishop Grandin and his brother? Card presented to Bishop Carroll, Calgary by Mrs John R. Costigan, Vancouver, BC. Also includes Ordinance from Archbishop Henry Joseph O'Leary of Edmonton concerning the Beatification of the servant of God, Msgr. Vital Justin Grandin dated Sept 30, 1029.

Grandin, O.M.I., Vital Justin, 1829-1902

Coat of Arms

File consists of information concerning Bishop Francis P. Carroll's coat of arms.

Carroll, Francis P., 1890-1967

Archdiocese of Portland

File consists of news clippings and correspondence related to Bishop John T. McNally's work in the Archdiocese of Portland, Oregon, 1901-1904

McNally, John T., 1871-1952


File consists of convocation address, Synod hymn and prayers for the Calgary Diocesan Synod. Includes 4 photographs of the opening Mass. Also includes copy of the program for the Convocation Mass.

Calgary Diocesan Synod


File consists of copies of Certificates of Title for Plan B1 Mission dating from 1911 to 1976 collected in relation to development for the Diocesan Association for Senior Citizens. Includes correspondence regarding the fire loss of 201 - 17th Avenue SW and Income Tax Exempt status for the Diocesan Association for Senior Citizens. Also includes lease agreement with Southside Taxi Co. and subsequent insurance papers regarding the fire loss transcripts of the court case between the Diocese (Plaintiffs) and Zurich Insurance Company (Defendants) regarding Diocesan Association for Senior Citizens fire loss. Includes letter naming the settlement amount.

Diocesan Association for Senior Citizens

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